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Survey of the Digital Ecosystem


Take our 15-minute survey and get early access to a global picture of the digital ecosystem analysis!

What is this survey for? The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) is performing groundbreaking research in order to understand and measure how ICT for development (ICT4D) can be advanced and improved.

Who is DIAL? DIAL is implementing initiatives to overcome systemic barriers to the digital development space and in the process, create a more inclusive digital society. DIAL produced this survey with support from our Founding Partners: United Nations Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID and Sida. For more information about DIAL, please visit Digital Impact Alliance.

The confidential survey will only take 15 minutes! 

Please note: 
  • Answering the survey: The survey includes a 'back' button, in case you need to return to a previous page. Please do not press the back button on your internet browser as this will cause the survey to restart. 
  • Privacy: We will not share your responses outside our team. We will compile and analyze the data, which will only be used for this research. Responses will not be attributable to you or your organization but may be quoted anonymously. 
Thank you in advance for helping create a snapshot of the challenges and barriers in making digital development a reality!